Copyright Laws In Gambling

Copyright laws give exclusive rights to owners of intellectual property. Copyright laws cut across every field involving the use of intellectual properties including gambling and the use of bonuses and codes such as Tropicana Casino promotional code.
Gambling involves the use of various intellectual properties. These properties were developed by one party or the other. It is only natural that such a party should have an exclusive right to determine how his/her intellectual property will be used.

As a copyright owner, the author of the original work reserves the right to duplicate, sell, improve upon or pass part or all of these rights to the property to other parties.
The usage, sale or distribution of intellectual property without any prior permission from the owner is deemed an offense and can be prosecuted under the law.
Copyright laws are applicable in gambling, and as such you might want to obtain permission from owners before using any intellectual property for your gambling game.

Copying others’ gaming software

There are lots of open sources gaming software out there. These open source software are free, and no one owns them. As such you’re free to copy, distribute or use them as you want. 
However, not all gaming software are free. Some are copyrighted, and the use of such without prior permission from the authors can lead to prosecution in the court of law.

Copying a gaming software and modifying it is also a breach of the copyright owner’s rights. You must not copy, improve upon or change the games name without the copyright owner’s express permission.

Gambling Machines

Gambling machines are often patented since they cannot be copyrighted. When patented, the patent holder owns exclusive rights to their sale, use, and distribution.
Any unauthorized use, distribution or importation of such a machine is a violation of the patent holder’s rights. As such you may want to seek proper permission before using a gambling machine.

Using logos

Lots of gambling games are featured in real life sports and as such makes use of these club logos.
A club logo is trademarked and not copyrighted. However, an authorized recreation of these logos are prohibited.
You may use them for your gambling game though, but you must not use them in a way that may suggest that you’re affiliated with the club or owned by the club. Such usage is against the party’s trademark rights.
For instance, using a club logo on your landing page or branding your newsletter with a club logo might suggest that you are affiliated or promoted by the club.

Use of player names

You are free to use players names for your gambling games; however, as in the case above, you must not use it in a way that suggests the site is owned or promoted by the player.

Using club names

Club names are too short to be copyrighted. As such they are trademarked. You may use them as you wish for your games, however not in ways that suggest your gambling activities are promoted or even owned by such a club.

Licensing In Gambling

For a gambling game to be fully authorized, you must obtain necessary licenses from the government and the authorization to operate it. These rights are not transferable.