About Us

For anyone focusing on fostering innovation, intellectual property protection is extremely critical. Leaving innovative ideas unprotected means that those behind them will not be able to reap the full benefits of their labours. Similarly, cultural vitality would also suffer considering that artists would not be fully compensated for their creations.  

Besides contributing enormously to countries’ economies, with dozens of industries relying on the sufficient enforcement of their copyrights, trademarks, and patents, intellectual property also allows consumers to acquire a sense of relief that they are purchasing guaranteed and safe products. That aside, strong intellectual property rights help people make more educated choices about the effectiveness, reliability, and safety of their purchases.

At Brela-tz, we believe that intellectual rights are definitely worth protecting, not only regionally but also abroad. For that reason, we have created this meeting place, where you can find all the details you will need related to securing your idea or creation via trademarks, patents, geographical indications, trade secrets, and more.

It is enormously important to be able to safeguard any unique services or products that you own against prying competitors that can use your success and brilliance to take away market share. This is how Brela-tz came into being…