Maintaining The Authenticity of Your Work with These Great Plagiarism Checkers

With numerous sources and articles available online, people seem to suit their needs and simply copy-paste the text and papers for the tasks they need to fulfil. That caused the appearance of plagiarism checkers which analyze millions and millions of paperwork in order to check the authenticity of admitted papers. In that way, they help people avoid copyright infringement. In the same manner, plagiarism checkers help the writers to eliminate any matches and similarities with the papers on the same topics. In the meantime, when making a pause between two sessions of writing, writers can take a little break and search for, and check out all the benefits it has to offer, while ensuring their original texts do not match any content found there. Below, there is a list of plagiarism checkers which guarantee the authenticity of the papers and texts and which can be useful for discerning even the tiniest bits of plagiarism. 


The great advantage of this plagiarism checker is that it is free of charge, and except it looks for plagiarised content, it also checks your grammar and spelling. Another advantage is that it is pretty quick, and you do not need to register or create an account with your email to use it. Its interface is simple, and all you need is to paste your text into the box. The only limit which should be mentioned is that it is designed for 1000 words per one search. 


PaperRater tool can be used as an add-on to a content checker, so it is important not to forget to switch it on once you visit the web page you want. The level of its accuracy is high, yet PaperRater appears slightly slower than DupliChecker. Similarly, it warns you about your grammar, spelling, word choice, and sentence structure.


This online plagiarism detector is also free of charge, and once it does the searching, it shows you the uniqueness of each sentence. It is also limited to 1000 words per search, and it directs you to use the Grammarly add-on to check your grammar, spelling, word choice, and sentence structure. Its weak point is that it can take a little while for a search, and in that case, your reCAPTCHA token can easily expire, so it brings you to the point to start the search again. If you need to check more than 1000 words, there is an option to go pro and pay for the full experience. 

Plagiarism Detector 

Plagiarism Detector is similar to Smalletools, and it is also free of charge. You do not need to tick the reCAPTCHA box, yet the report it admits isn’t as detailed as the Smalletools report. Plagiarism Detector also comes with a simple interface and directs you to use Grammarly to revise your spelling and grammar. 


It is an online plagiarism checker that requires registration. Although it is free of charge, the users are allowed to scan 10 pages per month. Its practicality can be seen in the option to review your previous scans whenever there is a need for it.